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TotalEnergies launches video on Hydrogen Mobility in Breda

Today TotalEnergies on its LinkedIn showcase page for Mobility Solutions launched the video “Hydrogen Mobility: Behind the scenes of a multi-energy service station”, in which the REVIVE truck of the city of Breda is featured. In the video, their hydrogen business developer, Fanny Cacherat, talks about the company’s experience and EU market presence in H2 for mobility, directly from their hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) in Breda, The Netherlands.

In the two-minute video she also explains how an HRS installation works. From the delivery of H2 to the filling station, to the distribution of this zero-tailpipe emission fuel to the vehicle via a dispenser. “Customers with heavy duty trucks, for example, are in the need of a long range or long autonomy and also, a short refueling time. And that’s exactly where and why hydrogen makes sense because we are able to fill these needs,” says Cacherat. TotalEnergies is committed to help expand the HRS-network across Europe and owns 30 HRS in Europe so far.

In addition, the video shows one of the main customers of this H2 station on the heavy-duty vehicle side: the Municipality of Breda with its H2 garbage truck, one of the demonstration sites of the REVIVE project. An experienced driver of this H2 garbage truck for the Municipality, Jur van Leeuwen, demonstrates how hydrogen refueling works in practice. He shares his firsthand experience driving this heavy-duty, fuel-cell powered vehicle.

The hydrogen station (H2) station in Breda was co-financed by Europe (Interreg Flanders-Netherlands) and is part of the Interreg project ‘Waterstofregio 2.0′, which is coordinated by H2 knowledge and cooperation platform WaterstofNet.

The garbage truck of the Municipality of Breda was made possible with contributions from the European organisation Clean Hydrogen Partnership, and is part of the REVIVE project.

Watch the video on the TotalEnergies website: