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"The hydrogen truck makes it better for everyone!"

Who? Driver Nathalie Leenders. What: A first! – The first hydrogen truck for Suez (now ‘PreZero Nederland‘) and its partner Blink, and the first female driver in Europe that drives it. Why? It’s quieter and better for the environment. Where? Helmond and surrounding municipalities.

“A little nervous, I got behind the wheel of this hydrogen truck for the first time. Does everything work as I’m used to? Am I not doing anything wrong? But luckily the truck felt very familiar after just the first few meters on the counter. The fact that I am the first female driver in Europe to drive a hydrogen truck, is something I find very special. It’s a real honour that PreZero and Blink have given me this opportunity. I do have to adjust my route somewhat. The truck is slightly higher than our other trucks, so it doesn’t go under all the bridges. But that’s not a problem. It drives smoothly and quietly; how tranquil. It’s also nice for the people in Helmond who I collect waste from. Driving on hydrogen is good for the environment, because there is no harmful emission of CO2 and particulate matter. This way we are helping the Municipality of Helmond and other municipalities in the region, where this vehicle is used, to become more sustainable. As far as I’m concerned, the hydrogen truck is better for everyone.”

The first female hydrogen refuse truck driver in Europe, Nathalie Leenders (Suez/Blink), in front of the heavy-duty truck.

This interview and picture were included in Suez’s internal magazine.

Read more about the hydrogen refuse trucks in this news article or on the demonstration page of Helmond.