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Short description: 

WaterstofNet develops and realises sustainable hydrogen projects and roadmaps to enable zero-emission transport and energy storage. These projects are focussed on the use of hydrogen in mobility as well as of hydrogen in power-to-gas applications. In order to develop relevant projects, WaterstofNet works in close cooperation with regional industry and authorities or governments.  WaterstofNet’s Core activities:

  • develops and builds sustainable hydrogen projects;
  • creates roadmaps for hydrogen refuelling infrastructure (H2 mobility) and energy storage, referred to as ‘power-to-gas’;
  • develops and coordinates industrial ecosystems involving hydrogen;
  • facilitates cooperation between industry, policy-makers, researchers, and education;
  • communicates with policy-makers, stakeholders, and the general public about hydrogen;
  • is a partner in European hydrogen projects, including HighVLOcity, Don Quichote, and HyTrEC and 3Emotion;
  • cooperates with other European hydrogen regions;
  • is active in international hydrogen networks, such as the International Energy Agency (IEA).


Role in the project:
WaterstofNet will manage, facilitate, evaluate and communicate the demonstrations of the refuse trucks in Netherlands and Belgium.