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Short description:
A new generation of parts manufacturer, Symbio designs hydrogen battery kits which can be incorporated into various different types of electric vehicles (utility vehicles, buses, heavy-goods vehicles, boats, etc.) and are associated with a range of digital services (vehicle repairs, remote fleet management, etc.). Once equipped in this way, these vehicles provide enhanced ease of use (full in three minutes, autonomy twice that of their battery equivalents, etc.) while remaining ‘zero emissions’. There are several hundred of these vehicles – for the most part, light utility vehicles such as the Kangoo ZE H2) – on the roads in France and across Europe. Founded in 2010, the CEA, ENGIE and Michelin all own a stake in Symbio.

Role in the project:
Symbio will provide its new Fuel Cell Power Module in electric vehicles. This product has been specifically designed to power heavy duty automotive applications. Symbio will partake in the vehicle certification process and help in maintaining the truck over the course of the project. We will provide guidance in learning from the data collected as well as insights on the challenges faced by industrial partners during the development of the vehicle.