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Short discription:
The Renova Group is owned by ten municipalities in western Sweden. Our mission is to work with our owner municipalities in taking responsibility for waste and recycling over the long term. We aim to deliver community benefit through business activities and to actively contribute to sustainable development within our owners’ region. The Group consists of the parent company Renova AB and subsidiary Renova Miljö AB.
The parent company is the owner-municipalities’ own waste expert and carries out tasks directly allocated by them. The subsidiary Renova Miljö AB operates on a competitive market and offers complete solutions in waste and recycling to businesses, municipalities and other public enterprises in our owners region. Our goal is to always be able to offer the market’s best range of services within our industry, with environment, quality and customer service remaining paramount.

Role in the project:
Renova will test a hydrogen garbage truck that collects household waste in an urban environment. We purchase various components to the hydrogen garbage truck that we assemble together with partners in the project. The idea is that the garbage truck will replace a conventional diesel garbage truck.
Together with partners in the automotive industry, the Renova Group have been at the forefront of vehicle development and more environment-friendly fuel. All of our 250 heavy vehicles are now being powered by completely renewable fuel! The fuel in our diesel engines is now a type of biodiesel made from hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO). This renewable fuel reduces emissions of greenhouse gases by up to 90 percent in comparison to fossil diesel. About 30 of our heavy vehicles run fully or partially on biogas. One of them is fueled by liquid biogas (LBG).
Renova was also one of the first to test the use of electric hybrid refuse trucks. Now the first mass-produced refuse trucks running on biodiesel and electricity and loading with electricity are rolling in central Gothenburg. They are both quiet and fossil-free. In addition to this, we work with smart route planning and train our drivers in eco-driving.