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Short description:
Groningen is known as the City of Energy in the Netherlands. The city is internationally well known for its energy business sector, energy orientated Knowledge Institutes and local sustainability policies. The Energy Valley Region focuses on energy transtion which is a route towards a more sustainable energy system and a low to zero carbon society. This is a driver for innovation and economic development. The City of Groningen has for more than ten years invested in sustainability measures such as the energy refurbishment of public buildings, energy efficient street lighting and alternative fuels for the city fleet. The City has signed a Green Deal with the Ministry of Transport on Zero Emission City Distribution Logistics.


Role in the project:
The City of Groningen wants to practice with hydrogen vehicles to gain experience with this form of sustainable mobility. Groningen wishes to learn from other partners about issues such as opportunities, business drivers and barriers to the development of hydrogen transport. The project can improve the quality of life in the city and play a key role in the development of clean transport policy. The project can improve the capacity of low carbon businesses and stimulate knowledge transfer with the Knowledge Institutes in the Region and improve the supply chain.