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Short description: 
A sparkling and historical city in the south of the Netherlands with a cheerful, hospitable personality, that’s Breda. During the course of years Breda has grown into a modern city with around 183.000 inhabitants. Breda won the award ‘Best innercity of Holland 2017-2019’. Breda enjoys an important strategic location situated between main port Rotterdam and brain port Eindhoven. The city slogan is Breda brings it together: a city with a unique central position, where people enjoy living and working in a green historical environment, a city where people can come together and are able to take time for each other and their surroundings.


Role in the project:
The ‘Bredase Afvalservice’ or waste collecting team will be testing one fuel cell refuse truck for at least two years, to gather data on the performance of the vehicle. The team will use the truck for the collection of waste. Breda brings it – the waste collection and sustainability – together with the ambition of reducing CO2 emmissions. Breda will consider to integrate more fuel cell garbage trucks in the fleet if the project is successful.