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Short description:

The City of Amsterdam is a Public Organization. Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands. The City has around 838.000 residents from 180 different countries. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has 2,2 million inhabitants. The city’s progressive policies on clean air and inner city traffic and parking, on electrical vehicles and waste/energy/water systems serve as successful examples, combined with a long tradition in urban development and planning. The Waste department is responsible for the collection, transportation and processing of the cities waste and operates 130 waste trucks.

The City of Amsterdam acknowledges fully the strategic dimensions and the importance of naturebased solutions. This has formally been recognized by the recent adoption of new policy instruments by the City Council: The Green Agenda and the Sustainability Agenda. These documents create a policy framework in which nature based solutions are integrated as systemic interventions in the larger context of ambitions and challenges for an integrated and sustainable urban development. The policies on sustainability and green infrastructure focus on innovation, development and deployment of natural resources.


Role in the project:
The waste department will procure 2 hydrogen waste trucks. It will operate the vehicles to gain experience in collecting city waste with hydrogen fuel cell waste trucks and participate in the evaluation and dissemination of the results of the pilot.