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Short description:
E-Trucks Europe is a SME that is always looking for innovative opportunities in sustainable transport. They produce hydrogen-hybrid vehicles by integrating an 100% electric drive-line combined with a hydrogen fuel cell. With this electric power train, they are silent and generate no emissions. For heavy duty applications (for example a refuse collection vehicle with a built-in hydrogen system that turns hydrogen into electricity) this means that they can operate a full day, up to 24 hours with emitting only water.


Role in the project:
E-Trucks’ role in the project is to develop 15 hydrogen electric hybrid refuse collection vehicles by integrating a full electric driveline combined with a hydrogen fuel cell system. These vehicles will be built, certified and homologated by E-Trucks, to be able to drive and operate these vehicles in the different European cities. Also the maintenance, training of personnel and a part of the vehicle monitoring is being performed by E-trucks.
Moreover, the role of E-Trucks Europe in this project is to deliver and support the operation of hybrid hydrogen electric garbage trucks in which the fuel cell life time is guaranteed for more as 20.000 h vehicle operation. This delivery is seen as a step up to the first deployment of fuel cell technology for garbage trucks in the broader European context.