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Noordenveld takes hydrogen-powered refuse truck into service

Residents of the municipality of Noordenveld in the Netherlands can see the new hydrogen-powered waste truck passing by as of next week. Last Wednesday, alderman Alex Wekema, accepted the key to the truck. He received it from director Wim van Nispen of ESA Trucks, which delivered the truck.

Noordenveld is participating in the REVIVE project, which is co-financed by the European Union. Besides Noordenveld, seven other European municipalities are participating in the project, including Groningen, Gothenburg and Antwerp. The hydrogen cars fit within the objective of reducing CO2 emissions over the longer term.

Green vehicle, green look

Alderman Wekema is delighted with the new acquisition: “This new refuse truck not only looks clean, it is really clean. It does not emit any CO2 and also moves through the streets almost silently. The green colour of the add-on container ensures that the truck does stand out and fits in nicely with its green character.”

Noordenveld currently still has three diesel-powered waste trucks. With the arrival of the hydrogen truck, the oldest waste truck will be bid farewell. The current white add-on containers – when finished – will also be replaced by containers in Noordenveld green from now on.

Drivers are trained

Over the next few days, test runs will first be made with the new truck. This will allow the drivers to get used to driving and emptying containers with the new hydrogen refuse truck.

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ESA Trucks director, Wim van Nispen, hands over the key to the heavy-duty hydrogen refuse truck to alderman of Groningen, Alex Wekema.