Noordenveld will deploy one refuse truck for now.

The deployment of the truck is planned for October 2021. The truck is to be in operation for 12 years.

The Truck will operate in the top part of the province of Drenthe. That’s just south-west of the city of Groningen where hydrogen developments are big. The truck will run multiple routes in the county of Noordenveld. Main towns and villages are Roden, Peize and Norg.

It will refuel in Groningen, but plans are made to open a hyrdogen refuelling station in Roden. (The main focus there is 700 bar, but the company that will run it, is also investigating the possibility for a 350 bar refuelling line.)

Local strategy
The municipality of Noordenveld has the ambition to become the most durable municipality in Drenthe in 2030. In that ambition we aim to change our own fleet of transportation vehicles to emission free vehicles.


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Local contact details
Bouwe Wierdsma
Raadhuisstraat 1, 9301 AA Roden
+31 (6) 55857243 or +31 (0)50-5027331