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Short description:
The company ‘ASM MERANO SPA – Stadtwerke Meran AG’ carries out its activities in the touristic town of Merano known for its health an wellness  resorts and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Merano is located in the alpine region South Tyrol in Italy and the Municipality takes part to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and to the European Energy Award. ‘ASM MERANO SPA – Stadtwerke Meran AG’ provides public services for the citizens, in the fields of waste collection and recycling, drinking water distribution, sewer system management and public lighting. 95 persons are employed and about 50 vehicles are daily on the road.


Role in the project:
According to the strategy paper Climate Plan 2050, South Tyrol intends to become a climate region at the heart of Europe.  The city of Merano aims to decarbonise its local transport and public services, by introducing in the next years electric vehicles both with battery and with fuel cell technology for public transport and public services. That is why ‘ASM MERANO SPA – Stadtwerke Meran AG’, in close collaboration with the IIT – Institute for Innovative Technologies in Bolzano, welcomed enthusiastically the REVIVE project for the procurement of one zero emission refuse truck to use for cardboard collection in the high crowded down-town, in order to give a great visibility to the new technology.